Do you want the check and get the right to use the trademark in the Russian Federation?

Our law firm, specializes only concerning registration of trademarks and other legal actions, related to Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) for foreign applicants.

Why do clients address us?

Free — the express search of a trademark in the database of Rospatent
Search in the database of Rospatent among the registered trademarks, search in the number of the application, search in number of the certificate on a trademark and according to the name of the owner are included if in this search everything is pure, a full inspection is carried out

Внесение товарного знака в Таможенный реестр

Electronic interaction with FIPS
Efficiency and speed in work, we will register your application for registration of a trademark in the Russian Rospatent in one day.

Individual approach
First of all, it is a lack of the general approach. Each address, each task set for us demands a separate approach to its solving. The client has to obtain a maximum of information proceeding from which, he can plan the actions further.
It is important that the result to meet Your expectations.

We find solutions even in the most difficult situations. The logics of our actions is always understandable to everyone, even those who are facing registration of trademarks for the first time. A difficult language we translate into «human», and about the possible risks and additional costs we say from the beginning.


The term of registration of a trademark (12−14 months)
The first stage is applying for a trademark registration and filing the application for assignment of a registration number (priority) in the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent), namely subordinated to the Federal Institute of industrial property.
The second stage (term 2 months) — passing of the formal examination and check of payment of the patent fee. The documents of the applicant on compliance to standard legal requirements are checked.
The third stage — check of compliance of the classes MKTU. The analysis of the inventory and (or) services on compliance to requirements of the paragraph (3, article 1492, part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is carried out)
The fourth stage — examination of the declared designation. By result of this examination positive or the negative decision is made.
The fifth stage — the decision on registration of a trademark is made, the trademark is entered in the Register of the registered trademarks and issue of the certificate on a trademark.

The Certificate term on a trademark in Russia is 10 years.

Professional services and prices
Check and trademark search on identity and similarity in the database of Rospatent Registration of a trademark
Registration of transfer and providing the use of the right for a trademark to other person (alienation, licenses)
Introduction of a trademark into the Custom’s register of the Russian Federation
Estimation Федерации of cost of a trademark in the territory of the Russian Federation
Legal advice on violation of the exclusive rights to a trademark on the territory of the Russian Federation



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